Our Approach

Fundraising is a creative business.

Creativity works best when people work together and bounce of each other in a proven process. The proven process is the models, discovery sessions and mentoring witnessed through over 300 funding raises to date that have realised over $140 million.

We work primarily through one hour mentoring sessions that we call our Funding Magnet Circles. We have three seperate mentoring sessions depending on where in the process you are at.


Paul Niederer

Founder & CEO


Paul Niederer & Roger Hamilton running a session

Paul Niederer is one of world’s leading authorities in equity based crowdfunding, investor aggregation and the emerging trust based blockchain driven systems relative to capital raising. He has personally been involved with, and has successfully assisted, 92 companies to raise capital.

As a result of his experience in the due diligence processes involved in capital raisings for businesses and non-profits he has shared his experience with the SEC and a score of regulators worldwide. He is sought after to advise on building complaint capital raising systems.

His “Fundability Circles©” process has been performed live in Europe, America, South Africa, Asia and Australia for entities wishing to raise capital.

With the intense interest worldwide in EquityCrowdfunding Platforms, and Collaborative Funding Platforms Paul is involved in consulting to a number of parties on how to structure their funding por- tals, processes and regulations to have successful raises with a fair deal for investors and stakeholders.

Paul has had extensive experience in managing both accredited and unaccredited raises with both investor types often in the same raise. Internationally he is known as “Mr Governance” due to the fraud free reign he managed while day CEO of ASSOB, the world’s oldest equity crowdfunding platform. He as spoken in minimising fraud in equity based crowdfunding transactions a number of times.

Paul lives south of Brisbane on Australia’s eastern coast and relishes the opportunity to discuss peer to peer finance developments and any moves towards the democratisation of capital. 

Next Steps...

You can join one of our circles or click the button for a 15 minute session with Paul Niederer Founder of FundingMagnet and the designer of the processes we use.